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Creating an original superhero team can be a difficult task. Some Marvel creators have had success by basing their team on a theme.

Other creators base their team on unique characteristics they want their characters to possess. For example, the Justice League based their team on intelligence, strength, vision and power. However, if you want your team to be well-known, you should base it on a template popularized by other teams.

The most famous template for a popular superhero team is the 'Ult' concept.

The name derives from the word 'ultra,' which refers to something beyond normal expectations. Other notable teams based on the 'Ult' concept include DC's Ultra Humanite and X-Factor from Marvel.

The main advantage of using an 'Ult' concept is that other superhero teams can easily identify with it.

Based on that concept, many different teams have been created across various media platforms in both English and Chinese. These other teams not only provide inspiration for new teams but also act as references for creators who want to improve their work. Additionally, using an established concept allows fans to quickly grasp what your team's members will look like and how they will work together.

Since Avengersinspired so many other teams, it is easy for people to identify with it.

Other superhero shows also focus on powerful groups of heroes coming together to take down challenging villains. For example, shows like Arrow and The Flash also focus on groups of heroes coming together to solve problems in their civilian lives. These shows offer a lot of inspiration for new groups of heroes; they help create new characters and also build upon old characters in unique ways. Because so many shows focus on forming new superhero teams, it makes sense that these teams are popular with both fans and the general public.

As expected, Marvel's movie about their most famous team gave them a huge push in the media world. Superhuman abilities are still fresh in the minds of moviegoers thanks to Christopher Nolan's Batman series. That series established that ordinary people can become formidable crime fighters by developing mental powers such as telekinesis or precognition. This framing device allowed Nolan to introduce relatively unknown characters into his movie and have them carry its plot forward.

That same approach works well when introducing new superhero teams into movies or television series.

Using an 'Ult' concept greatly increases the exposure of your team among both fans and the general public alike. Not only will your team stand out from the rest of the superhero crowd but it will also give you plenty of inspiration when creating new characters or adapting old ones into shows or movies. Supernatural abilities work great as a base for unique superhero teams!

But if you leave your quote empty, you’ll get a colorful bar that can be used as divider line since it takes all the column size

Sticky Table of Contents

Let’s say you want your table of contents stay on a page when you scroll. It’s easy, just add this code to your Super’s CSS

Site settings → Code → CSS

.notion-table-of-contents {
  top: 120px!important;
  position: sticky!important;
  z-index: 19!important;

Please note that after this code being implemented, your table of contents will overlap all scrollable blocks below.

Don’t forget to sync your blocks

By default, you have several block synced around Kraft template: Footer, Author Block (see on this page), “See Also” for blog posts. If your website contains multiple pages, most likely you’ll have repetative elements. Here’s how synced block work explained by Guru:

Use Property Filters and Linked Databases to Categorize Blog Posts

You can flip one single database with different views and filters to create some advanced structures for your posts. Some examples:

  • Create a checkbox property named “Published” and filter your view to show only the checked posts
  • Create a filter to show posts from one and only category
  • Create a filter to show only 3 recent posts
  • Create a special checkbox for featured posts

You can build really complex structures by applying proper fitlerting and sorting thanks to Notion’s flexibility.

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